Financial Health: A Matter of Financial Life and Death

Commentary by: John McWilliams

Over the last few posts, we defined the underbanked, unbanked, and credit invisibles.  We posited potential limitations of traditional banking in servicing these consumers. We then detoured slightly to demonstrate how traditional credit scores may be losing their relevancy for …

Who are the Credit Invisibles? Why are they Invisible? And how can they be best served?

Commentary by: John McWilliams

The latest in an ongoing discussion about the crossroads of alternative and traditional credit data. It is well known that in order to get “traditional” credit (a credit card, loan, lease, etc.) from a “traditional” lender (i.e. the bank) you …

How Can the Credit Invisible and Underserved Gain Access to More Affordable Credit?

Commentary by: John McWilliams

This question has been pondered for many years and has been gaining traction over the last decade. An FDIC study in 2011 found there are more than 68 million individuals, representing $1 trillion in income, using financial services products designed …

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