[Traditional] Credit Bureau Reports are great… but so was the mainframe computer.

Commentary by: John McWilliams

The intersection of FinTech, Alternative Data, Millennials, and Financial Inclusion at the 2017 Lendit Conference in NYC When I first heard it, I thought it would make a great headline. It was recently declared by a panelist during a discussion …

Alternative Data Series: An Overview

Commentary by: Solomon Semere

Earlier this year, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions released a 4-part recording series on the topic of Alternative Data, explained by LexisNexis Director of Market Planning Solomon Semere. As explained by Semere, Alternative Data is “information not found on a traditional credit …

Balancing the Risk/Reward Equation in Mortgage Lending: Are alternative consumer insights the answer?

Commentary by: Beverly Regan

Can integrating alternative consumer insights into the mortgage market increase access to homeownership or improve mortgage portfolio risk management? Housing starts are up by 25% according to the National Association of homebuilders.  This along with positive employment numbers sends a …

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