December 20, 2018

Our usage-based insurance proof of concept on display at the Consumers Electronics Show and Consumer Telematics Show. 

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Consumer Telematics Show (CTS) are going to be bigger and busier than ever this year. We know your time is valuable, so here below is a quick summary of what we’re bringing to the show this year. See our connected car UBI (usage based insurance) proof of concept at CES 2019 and the latest data insights into ADAS and driver usage characteristics derived from live data for each of the world’s major automotive brands.

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Where to find us

LexisNexis Risk Solutions: Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 2, Meeting Room MP26182

Speaker presentations

As part of our participation at CTS, Adam Hudson, Senior Director, Connected Car Solutions, will be delivering a keynote presentation to over 500-plus senior automotive executives.

Connectivity is drastically changing the way people live, work and move. This change presents an industry-wide mobility and insurance challenge we call “many-to-many”. As a result, companies have to harness and exchange data sets with multiple stakeholders in order to run their businesses efficiently. When handled correctly, connectivity offers huge opportunities for consumers to elevate their experience and for automakers to tap into new revenue pools.

At LexisNexis Risk Solutions, we are uniquely positioned to help automakers and insurers tap into the vast possibilities of the new data being generated by connectivity.

What can your company execute on right away, to pay back your investments in connected car technology?

The global automakers are competing to develop the most advanced connected car. Critical factors include planning for payback on investments when different technologies and software platforms intersect, and they have timings and phasing which is uncertain and hard to forecast with certainty.

One of our main tasks at LexisNexis Risk Solutions is to help our clients evolve their tech stack to keep pace with current innovation, and integrate with our data platforms and other services in the fastest, most effective way, whilst also building for the future. Automotive technology is facing a multi-layered scenario of operating layers, customer segments and distribution channels.

What we discovered when we surveyed 20,000 US drivers on car features and attitudes to connected cars

Consumers and drivers meanwhile have many hidden motivators which have an appeal beyond the factors that are commonly understood: such consumer factors include the need for flexible user experience features (for example synching smart phone apps to in-vehicle features), ease of upgrade, demands for a seamless ecosystem (solutions that exist anywhere the customer requires them, including through third party vendors) and new mobility options. On the consumer front, understanding the diversity and mindset of users continues to be a major challenge.

At the CES show we will be presenting the results from our research and customer insights specific to each automotive brand. Learn about geographic patterns of vehicle use, consumer attitudes to telematics, recall, vehicle alert opportunities and insights for other revenue-generating services.

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During these short workshops you will be presented with a customised analytics report for your vehicle brand, based on the broadest set of real-world data points available in the connected car ecosystem.

What we’re launching in 2019 and how this new product can help auto manufacturers

We are helping automotive OEMs and their partners develop a single source of truth across enterprise business processes and handle regulations that come with data collection. At LexisNexis Risk Solutions we are trusted custodians of data for the insurance and automotive industries, trusted by over 90% of the world’s largest insurance companies.

We can help auto makers clear up the ‘dirty data’ and mistakes from the past arising from a different era, managing legacy data coming from different platforms and software. We know that each company has its own challenges when it comes to legacy data and data management.

You can schedule a meeting during the show here and have it added to your calendar.

The insights we’ve gained from 300 million US drivers, giving you ‘inside information’ on your own drivers

As technology continues to develop and expand in the industry, massive amounts of customer data are being aggregated. Auto makers are challenged to collect actionable insights from this overflow of information. They are seeking an integrated platform that can help support smarter business decisions for growth and profitability. Real-time data is also critical for visibility into operations. Aggregated intelligence across an enterprise allows companies to view the big picture, easily spot trends and patterns, understand usage patterns of products, analyze millions of data points for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

We’ve uncovered some important insights on consumer attitudes to vehicle connectivity, and what customers are looking for in future.

How do your ADAS features compare to market collision data? How good are your ADAS features compared to the market-wide average?

It’s estimated that by 2020 over 40% of all vehicles on the road will have some kind of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). It’s no longer just about adaptive cruise control, emergency braking or lane and parking assist. Increasingly the market includes V2V and V2V technology interacting with stop lights, adaptive headlights or long-range laser function for headlamps and other GPS-enabled technologies. Other developments include systems that use infra-red cameras to locate pedestrians and animals, and systems that memorise previously-traveled routes. We’ve been working with auto makers and insurers to bring new insights into the most effective ADAS features and risk factors.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a unit of RELX Group, is a global data technology and advanced analytics leader, with customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

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