The Age of Alternative Data: Elevating Credit Risk Management

Commentary by: Naagesh Padmanaban

It is common knowledge that large volumes of data are being constantly generated and a good portion of this can be used to better understand a potential borrower. This profusion of data has only provided greater depth and reach to …

Modeling Blended Alternative and Traditional Data: A Case Against Variable Reduction

Commentary by: Zachary Tondre

Alternative data adds insight into the credit risk of full file borrowers allowing lenders to more accurately predict delinquency and price more competitively

The Lien and Judgment Blind Spot

Commentary by: Zachary Tondre

The bureaus have taken action on another piece of their National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP) by removing lien and judgment records that they could not accurately link.

Credit Union Philosophy and First Time Auto Buyers

Commentary by: Zachary Tondre

Credit union directors across the country are looking for ways to stand out in their markets by returning to the foundational philosophy of the movement to serve underserved borrowers. While many directors see great opportunity in this initiative, management teams …

Credit Unions take an active role to address Financial Health Crisis

Commentary by: John McWilliams

How grassroots community lending is addressing the high cost of payday lending Our continuing effort to help bring awareness to the plight of millions of Americans suffering from poor financial health brought me and my colleagues at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions …

Financial Health: A Matter of Financial Life and Death

Commentary by: John McWilliams

Over the last few posts, we defined the underbanked, unbanked, and credit invisibles.  We posited potential limitations of traditional banking in servicing these consumers. We then detoured slightly to demonstrate how traditional credit scores may be losing their relevancy for …