Data: The Core of Marketing Transformation
Jeff Chandler

Marketing technology is rapidly evolving as many say we’re in the midst of a tech renaissance but at the core of each marketing transformation is data. As a result of this rapid transformation, marketers are challenged to keep pace. There are …

Revitalizing Invitation-to-Apply Marketing with...
John McWilliams

Driving response is about delivering the right offer at the right time to the right person. In the world of Invitation-to-Apply (ITA) strategies, marketers are often seeing high response rates but low approvals creating a growing need to better segment …

Alternative data provides unique insights that mitigate fraud at the marketing stage of the customer/prospect lifecycle
Addressing Fraud in Marketing – with...
John McWilliams

Fraud is Inevitable but Not Insurmountable A study conducted last year by LexisNexis Risk Solutions found the following: The average cost of fraud has risen 8.1% across lenders since 2017. Every $1 of fraud now costs these firms $3.05 compared to $2.82 …

Referral Marketing with Real Social Networks | LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Referral Marketing with Real Social Networks
Solomon Semere

The use of social networks in marketing has exploded over the past decade. We discuss the benefits of understanding real-life relationships and associations between individuals to improve the results of network and referral marketing.

Digital Marketing – Leveraging Alternative Data to Make Virtual More of a Reality
Digital Marketing – Leveraging Alternative Data...
John McWilliams

Whether your marketing channel of choice is digital or traditional, identifying your relevant target audience is [still] the biggest challenge.

3 Key Marketing Lessons from Guy Kawasaki
3 Key Marketing Lessons from Guy Kawasaki
John McWilliams

Insight matters. Data driven decisioning across the entire customer lifecycle is critical. Learn from the best.

Mitigating Risk on the Front End in Communications, Media and Mobile Industries with “Alternative” Data
Mitigating Risk on the Front End in...
John McWilliams

Competition for lower risk customers is fierce, and marketers are using every tool and channel at their disposal to target them…or so they think.

Alternative Data – Turning Unique Insight into Action
Alternative Data – Turning Unique Insight into...
John McWilliams

Not only can you find unique insights, and uncover propensities about your customers, but now you can leverage these insights and reach out to prospects that mimic your “best” customers.