New Study Reveals Surprising Trends in Consumer...
Solomon Semere

March 2020 brought dramatic changes to the U.S. economy with stay-at-home orders, the temporary closing of non-essential businesses and spikes in unemployment insurance claims. As a result, lenders today are grappling with the unknown as the economic crisis at hand …

Data: The Core of Marketing Transformation
Jeff Chandler

Marketing technology is rapidly evolving as many say we’re in the midst of a tech renaissance but at the core of each marketing transformation is data. As a result of this rapid transformation, marketers are challenged to keep pace. There are …

alternative data has a very important role in financial inclusion
The Age of Alternative Data: Elevating Credit...
Naagesh Padmanaban

It is common knowledge that large volumes of data are being constantly generated and a good portion of this can be used to better understand a potential borrower. This profusion of data has only provided greater depth and reach to …

Referral Marketing with Real Social Networks | LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Referral Marketing with Real Social Networks
Solomon Semere

The use of social networks in marketing has exploded over the past decade. We discuss the benefits of understanding real-life relationships and associations between individuals to improve the results of network and referral marketing.

From Credit Invisible to "In" the Financial Mainstream | LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Into and Out of the Shadows – Turning on the...
Solomon Semere

Our latest research traces the steps consumers take to credit visibility, demonstrating how alternative data can accelerate the path to mainstream financial services.

Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using Alternative Data to Fill in the Blanks | LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using Alternative...
Solomon Semere & Dara Duguay

LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Credit Builders Alliance partner to promote data transparency by bringing alternative credit reports to community lenders.

Credit Union Loan Growth Outside the Box
Zachary Tondre

Credit unions looking for ways to grow loans do not necessarily need to look outside of their membership. Grow loans organically with higher yields while fostering financial inclusion.

Winning the Race at the AFSA Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo
Winning the Race at the AFSA Vehicle Finance...
Jeff Chandler

There are shows in Vegas that are worth going to that do not involve Cirque de Soleil. AFSA’s Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo falls into this category.

Putting Data in the Hands of the Consumer – Innovation in Credit Decisioning
Putting Data in the Hands of the Consumer –...
Solomon Semere

Recent high-profile security breaches have consumers weary of how their personal information is being used. Can new credit risk technologies alleviate consumer concerns while increasing financial inclusion?

Closing the Gap with Alternative Data
Closing the Gap with Alternative Data
Solomon Semere

Credit scores are at an all-time high. At the same time, loan defaults and delinquencies are rising. What gives? And what can lenders do to stay ahead of the competition?