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Key Takeaways from Financial Brand Forum 2019

Senior Vertical Solutions Consultant, Credit Risk and Marketing
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The Financial Brand Forum is an elite conference on marketing, CX, data analytics and digital transformation for the banking industry. The event is built exclusively for senior-level executives working in the financial industry — specifically marketers at retail banks and credit unions based in North America. The impressive list of keynote speakers, panel discussions, breakout sessions and exhibitors at The Financial Brand Forum illustrate the complex world marketers in financial institutions must navigate in order to thrive. As the keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk stated “Realistically, the excuse of being in a highly regulated industry just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to think about how you thrive despite being in the midst of disruption.” Regulation is not an impermeable barrier to innovation. Below are a few of the key takeaways from this year’s Financial Brand Forum.

“AI and Machine Learning in Banking: Practical Applications for Financial Marketers”

Brian Knollenberg. VP/Member Insights and Strategy at BECU
What stood out in this presentation was the foundational importance of data integrity to the success of implementing innovative practices such as machine learning and AI. In his presentation, Brian Knollenberg, VP/Member Insights and Strategy at BECU, broke his success story of keeping his brand relevant into 5 steps and not surprisingly the first step was “Organize your data”
“There are no magic wands, just tools to help you along.”

“Data is Currency: Empower Your Marketing By Improving People’s Financial Lives”

Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX
Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer of MX, gave an enlightening presentation on how financial institutions can help improve their customer’s financial lives and improve ROI simultaneously. Barrett notes it’s time to change the conversation from telling customers what we think they need to providing them with information and tools to minimize risk and increase savings. And what is the first step to starting this customer experience ROI growth engine…clean data.

“The Art & Science of Human Persuasion: The New Rules of Customer Engagement in a Data-Driven World”

Matt Oczkowski, President at Data Propria
Following the general data-centric theme of many of the conference presentations, Matt Oczkowski highlighted the customer expectation of personalized marketing efforts. Oczkowski notes that paring data science with first, second, and third-party data to create targeted messages will be more effective in driving engagement.
Want to learn more? Check out our free infographic on the Vital Role of Data-driven marketing.

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